Smart Maintenance

Smart Maintenance

Funding Institution: Regione Lombardia
Financing Program: FESR POR 2007-2013 Competitività
Fund: ERDF European Regional Development Fund / FESR Fondo Europeo Sviluppo Regionale


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The project

The Aircraft maintenance, while operational means increase, has become the dominant feature of the aviation industry. Maintenance personnel are committed for the key role to maintain flight safety and, working on aircraft in line of flight, perform their inspections and / or repairs before takeoff and after landing.
Although the aviation industry is recognized as one of the most technologically advanced, the aircraft maintenance is entrusted to the expertise of technicians, the information tools and the analysis of processes unchanged since the last century.
The Smart Maintenance project is an infrastructure system for the International aviation maintenance market that guarantees the delivery of services more competitive and with higher levels of reliability of today. Indeed, it uses new integrated technologies to offer a new tool to aircraft maintenance even in hostile environments (line of flight), drastically reducing the risk of an error in critical procedures and in reporting. Ag